“Do not dreams belong to God? Then, tell me your dream.”

Genesis 40 : 8

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What I Do Best

Here at chistiandreammeaning, I help you to interpret the spiritual meaning of all your dreams. Tell me your dream and I will interpret it for you at no charge.


DREAMS dream interpretation method

I recommend using the DREAMS dreamwork method to effectively interpret your dreams.

  • Dream – Summary of your dream.
  • Relation- Relate your dream to your previous dreams in your dream journal.
  • Emotion – What was your feeling during and after the dream? (fear, joy, pain, anger, depression, tiredness, boldness, etc.).
  • Actions- What is your main action or that of others in the dream? Such as running, falling, fighting, laughing, having sex, gossiping, etc.
  • Meaning – Meaning of your dream based on the dream setting and context below. (Match up all the above).
  • Setting- Setting and context of your dream- What is happening in your waking life? (what you have been trusting God for, and what you were doing or thinking about before bedtime?)

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