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Everything you need to know about christiandremmeaning.

Here at christiandreammeaning, I help you to interpret your dreams by offering a spiritual biblical meaning of all your dreams.

a child dreaming

I am always available to answer any of your dream questions on any topic, so feel free to open up.

Dream context.

I also help you to understand the symbolism in your dream and the dream context. By God,s grace I can help you discern the source of your dream.

why do I do this?

God has granted me a gift to interpret dreams, and hence I believe I should use it to serve His people. I do not charge for the interpretation, it,s totally free. If you desire to support me you can do so on the donation button below.

Joshua Mwangangi founder of christian dreams

Who am I

My name is Joshua Mwangangi, founder of christiandreammeaning.com and joshuamwangangi.com. I am passionate about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in whatever means possible. Am a chemist by profession and a pastor by calling. I interpret dreams, create content to caution people on the evils of pornography, and am passionate about family and marriage. Visit joshuamwangangi.com to learn more.

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